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Welcome to Clintest

Clintest is a South African (Bloemfontein) based company founded in 2016, specializing in field and laboratory pesticide efficacy testing services to chemical (pesticide), public health and the aerosol industry. The purpose build arthropod breeding and testing laboratories and well trained dedicated staff, allows Clintest to deliver a high quality service to its clients.

Studies are conducted according to appropriate guidelines (e.g. EU TNsG for PT 18 and PT 19; DAFF Guidelines for the Registration of Household Agricultural Remedies; WHO Guidelines; EPA OTTP Guidelines and OECD Enviromental Directorate Guidelines) or can be developed on request.

Clintest Services

Insecticide & Repellence Testing

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Insecticidal and repellence efficacy can be evaluated in the laboratory, in simulated use trials or in the field. We have a variety of chambers (including a Peet Grady), arenas, and free flight rooms and also access to sites for conducting field trials.

Tests include:

  • Efficacy testing of traps for flying and crawling insects and other pest control devices
  • Insecticidal efficacy of space sprays
  • Insecticidal efficacy of baits
  • Insecticide dose determination efficacy for actual use rates
  • Indoor and outdoor simulated use efficacy studies on insecticides
  • Insecticidal efficacy testing in animal houses e.g. cattle and horse stables, poultry houses
  • Indoor and outdoor sites for public health insecticide efficacy field trials
  • Stored product insecticide efficacy testing in grain stores/silos
  • Efficacy of skin repellents
  • Efficacy of spatial repellents
  • Efficacy of insect repellents in natural environments

Rodenticide Testing

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  • Evaluation of efficacy of rodenticides
  • Evaluation of preference between rodenticides and standard feed
  • Evaluation of preference between rodenticides and reference product

Scientific Writing

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  • Design and writing of the test plans and data recording forms
  • Compiling and publishing of the test report
  • Compiling manuscripts for scientific publication

Arthropod Breeding

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Anopheles quadriannulatus – malaria mosquito (non- vector carrier)
Culex spp.– house mosquito
Aedes aegypti – yellow fever mosquito
Musca domestica- house fly
Stomoxys calcitrans – stable fly
Lucilia cuprina – blowfly
Periplaneta americana – American cockroach
Blatella germanica – German cockroach
Ctenolepisma longicaudatasilverfish
Ctenocephalides feliscat flea
Rhipicephalus sanguineusbrown dog tick
Alphitobius diaperniuslesser mealworm/litter beetle
Dermestes maculatus hide beetle
Rhyzopertha dominicalesser grain borer
Sitophilus zeamaismaize weevil
Tribolium confusumconfused flour beetle
Oryzaephilus surinamensissaw-toothed grain beetle
Gryllus spp.- crickets
Plodia interpunctellaIndian meal moth


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Contact Us

Contact Details

Physical Address:
Uitzich Road, Bainsvlei
9338, South Africa

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 11186, Universitas
Bloemfontein 9321
South Africa

+27 (0)51 492 3020

(For general and study related enquiries)

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